Our Mission: To make a profound affect in research on lung and ovarian cancer, to bring awareness to those who do not know they are at risk, and to make a difference in this dreadful disease by not only better treatment options, but finding a cure!

Through the DeCesaris/Prout Golf Championship, Beth and JoAnn have raised over $1,000,000 since 2002 to support Lung & Ovarian cancer awareness and research.

The DeCesaris/Prout Cancer Foundation (DPCF) has been able to help fund research, awareness and other programs several institutions, including the American Cancer Society, Brigham and Women’s Lung Cancer Research, Johns Hopkins Medical Center, MD Anderson, Mercy Medical Center’s Gynological Oncology Department, National Breast & Ovarian Cancer Coalition, National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, Vanderbilt University, the Univeristy of Pennsylvania’s Ovarian Cancer Research Center and the Jordan Center for Gynecologic Cancer at the Abramson Cancer Center.

Early detection is always the best protection…bring light to the fight against lung and ovarian cancers and join DPCF today!